3S Balance Charge Board

3S balancing charge board for multi-pack charging: £18.00


  • 3S pack support
  • JST-XH balance connectors
  • Up to 6 packs at a time
  • 2Ah per pack limit
  • Choice of charge connector
    • XT60
    • Deans
    • 4mm

Designed to simplify the charging of smallish 3S packs, charges up to 6 3S packs at a time through their balance lead.

The board has 'PTC' devices to protect the cells during connection and charging. This allows you to connect the packs regardless of their state of charge, they do not have to be the same.

Each output output has a maximum of 2Ah. 

To use the board:

  • Connect the board to your charger
  • Plug in the 3S packs you want to charge
  • Add up the capacity of the packs. If any pack is bigger than 2Ah, count it as 2Ah
  • Set this as your charge current
  • Check your charger has detected the 'battery' as 3S
  • Start charging 

For example, if you had 4 1500mAh packs, set the charger to 6A. If you had 4 2200mAh packs, set the charger to 8A (still 4x2000mAh due to the limit). If you have 6 850mAh packs, set the charger to 5.1A.

It is very important that you let the charge cycle complete. DO NOT stop the charge early, or the packs will be slightly off balance. The PTCs affect the balanacing during the charge, but as the current drops towards the end the balance level is restored. If you stop early the balance level will not be restored.